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Campaign concepts

+3 years experience working with award-winning international online campaigns for clients such as Danske Bank, Nike and Coca-Cola (Framfab 2000-2003) have given me a solid understanding of concept and design within online marketing concepts.

+8 years as entrepreneur.

My lessons learned from being an entrepreneur:

  • Making the most out of small budgets using various channels and tools.
  • Involving sales department
  • Knowing when to insource and when to outsource.
  • Project management and KPI-reporting.

”Knowing what your target audience want AND giving it to them“ is usually a good recipe to success in online marketing.

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Copenhagen Carnival 2012
Project management, Webdesign, Outdoor

Online Marketing campaigns, various clients

Email marketing / Blog marketing /Social media marketing / Search Engine Marketing (Off-page) / Public Relations

Working with LeasingBø, I managed to implement a very effective news eco-system between newsletter, blog, social media and Public Relations (Web and print media).

The project was implemented with a full-time journalist working actively to increase awareness of our products. The project included weekly reporting to management.

Your message must have value to your audience whether it’s an editor, a newsletter subscriber or a blog reader. Don’t forget that you’re likely to have a unique knowledge about your market. Use it.

Scan the web: Find out who is talking about your industry or products. Don’t be afraid of entering debates and forums. Be helpful and share your knowledge. But always remember: Your messages must add value to your audience.

Blog-entries, forum comments, social media activities etc. should contain back-links to your website as a natural part of off-site Search Engine Optimization.

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