Design / Production

 … including webdesign, CMS-setup, Mobile web, Search Engine Optimization (On-page)

Experience: +15 years. Various projects and jobs.


  1. Use a well tested CMS system.
  2. Find and customize an existing template.
  3. Add well tested modules off the shelf.

I’ve on-hands experience with Joomla, Concrete5, Blogspot, Google Site and but I am open to work with a CMS of your choice.

I usually use responsive templates/css which means a website that works on iPads and smartphones.

Depending on the project, I may use my network of developers – danish as well as offshore providers for advanced web solutions.

I believe that your website should work seamless on web and mobile platforms using responsive css.

Performing a standard on-page Search Engine Optimization of all my website productions are implied. Off-site SEO: See “Online marketing” section.

References: (2012)
Design adaptation of template, Project management between SEO agency and developer
Design adaptation of template, CMS, Mobile (2011)
Art Direction, Prototyping, User test